Synaptic helper exe is locking up my mouse when using comodo

Why does Comodo keep asking me if Snyaptics helper.exe is a safe program. I have added it as a trusted application and have answered “allow” many many times. And I have checked the “remember my answer” box. Also, when the comodo box comes up, it freezes my mouse for about 2 minutes and then all of a sudden the box disappears and the mouse works again. Then in a few minutes it starts all over. I like Comodo but if this continues I will have to uninstall.

Have you tried adding the file your your safe files?

Defense+ → Common Tasks → My Own Safe Files

Try going into Defence+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy, scroll down the list until you find “Synapticshelper.exe”, double click on it then check the box “Use a pre-defined policy”.
Now from the drop-down menu choose Windows System Application. Hit APPLY to close both windows.