Symatec Beta 2010

I used to use Symantec’s SystemWorks for many years until support kept ignoring a question I kept raising about the diskfragmentation color legend and my results, and then when I started finding that Norton was some how involved in most crashes and the number of registry keys Norton entertwines a users system with.

Until the end of my use of Symantec I had been very Very well pleased with it.

Thought some here might like some light reading: Symantec Releases Norton 2010 Betas | PCMag

I do object to this line though: “No other vendor’s approach to consumer protection comes close.”

They may have been working on this release for 3 years while Comodo has been at it for around a year. But I wonder how much of Comodo’s research and betas, created additional directions for Symantec to study etc.

Symantec as a few others in the Security Field, are realizing major modifications were needed in their attack and prevention philosophy against malware


Its the Symantec world where only Symantec employees live where there is nothing else exist…

good luck to them…we all live in the real world :wink: And in the real world there is Comodo providing one of the best (if not the best) protection available to its users and no fancy marketing fluffery… just good old solid protection, in the real world :wink:



Norton gives that too and I fully expect their 2010 product to be as excellent as they always have been, especially since the 2007 versions. The only real question is; do you want to pay for a security package that is extremely user friendly for everyone, or use a free one that presently provides outstanding protection but is not for the masses as yet?

If Symantec asked if I would like ‘Norton Internet Security 2009’ for Free, I would definitely say, “Yes”!

Only because I know some n00b would buy it off eBay. ;D

Well they would be getting the best suite available in all of the 2009 versions. They would also get a free upgrade to the 2010 version when it went final. test results for the public beta versions of Norton Antivirus 2010

As with the other products, they tested against the 05/2009 WildList and select malware from older releases for a total of 3,194 samples that are confirmed malicious and widespread, and tested these both on-access and with the on-demand scanner. Norton 2010 found and removed all of these easily. They tested NAV2010 on XP with a larger set of about 680,000 samples. It detected 99.5% of these and registered no false positives.

They tested behavior-based detected using very new samples. Norton found 80% of these, which AV-Test calls an excellent result.

Only 80 % with behavior-based detection (Sonar 2) :stuck_out_tongue:

I still need sandboxie ;D