Symantecs Checkmark Used on Files

Sorry but I noticed it in other folders too. Why is that? Sorry if I was blaming yens for using Norton logo. :slight_smile:

Do you have a screenshot of the checkmark on folders and files?

It’s also being used in the IOBit folder too & I think in other folders too. It’s not causing a problem :slight_smile: , I just happen to notice it.

I was just curious what you meant; I didn’t quite understand.

It means that .dat files have Norton as default application to be opened with. I guess that may also show in the icon of a folder as well. Can you show a screenshot of a folder with the Norton icon in it? Again, I am just curious to see. :slight_smile:

Here’s another image.

Thanks. It’s another .dat file that got the Norton icon.

I have Blue Coat K9 Web Protection on my PC & since Symantec owns Blue Coat, do you think K9 Web Protection caused those icons?

That would make sense to me. You could check the icons used by K9 by looking at the icon on the K9 executables in its installation folder.

Unfortunately, I didn’t see any of those icons in those folders.