Symantec Antivirus won't update, files end up in My Pending Files

Hi there. I am using Comodo Firewall Pro version and running Windows XP Pro Service Pack2. I also use Symantec Antivirus (SAV) Whenever I use Liveupdate to update the antivirus the files end up in My Pending Files. I select the files and click and click move to My Own Safe Files, but every time I run Liveupdate the files (new or modified) end up in My Pending Files.

Defense + is set to Clean PC and Network Defense to Train with safe mode. I added Symantec as one of My Trusted Software Vendors. Does anyone know how to fix this problem? Please help.



Sorry to hear you’re having this problem, try setting defense+ to Training Mode and see if that helps, then after it learns you can set it back to Clean PC Mode.

Thanks. I’ll try that tomorrow as I’ve already updated today.

Hi Justin, sorry for the delay my ISP sucks and I just got back online. Training Mode seems to have worked. I’ll try switching back to Clean PC and let you know if it works there as well.

ok great, hopefully when you switch it back, it should still work.

Hey Justin,
Unfortunately it didn’t work, the files went straight to My Pending Files as soon as I switched to Clean PC. Any other suggestions?

What files are they? You need to add Live Update also to the firewall and D+ rules. When you were you training mode did Norton update? Be sure to delete all rules for Norton and Live Update in firewall and D+. Then put the firewall and D+ in training mode and reboot. Leave it in training mode for a day or so.

Vettetech, C:\Program Files\Common Files\Symantec Shared\Virus Defs\tmp5cc3.tmp\NAVENG.SYS and other similar files. Norton did update in Training Mode without any problems. I’ll try what you suggest. Thanks.

Add that file to the firewall and D+ rules as trusted. BTW Norton has gone down hill. I use Avria. Avria is the top winner on most av polls. (:NRD)

It’s Avira Antivir (:WIN)

Sparkaroven,if your AV is updating ok and you dont want a “Pending Files” issue,move the Defence+ setting up to “Train with Safe Mode”.In this mode you will get no entries in the Pending Files list.

If you want to keep the “Clean PC” mode,after each update go to the Pending Files list and click on “Purge” this should clear most,then you can just select the ones you know are fine and remove them from the Pending List,this will not remove them from your computer just the Pending Files list.

Cheers Matty :-TU

Thanks for all the advice guys. Vettetech I tried your suggestion but again when I put it in Clean PC mode the files still apper in My Pending Files. Riggers, I’ll try your suggestion of Train with Safe Mode.

I know Norton isn’t the best and actually had AntiVir on the machine but the hard drive crashed and the repair guy put SAV 10 on the machine. It was a difficult task to uninstall SAV 10 the last time I did it. I would gladly go back to AntiVir, is their an easy way to uninstall SAV 10?

Riggers, so far Train with safe Mode is working. I’ll try it in Clean PC mode and see what happens.

Hi guys, well I still had the same problem with My Pending Files when in Clean PC mode. I decided to unistall SAV 10 and save some memory. I’ve installed AntiVir and I’ll see how it works with your firewall.

Thanks again for all the help.