Symantec Antivirus is trying to act as a server

My installation of CPF is popping up an alert with the above message, and

Application: Rtvscan
Parent: services.exe
IP Listen Port: 2967 - TCP

The alert disappears (after the default 120 sec, I think) but it pops up again later.

I am not responding with allow/block at the moment, because I am running off-line while identifying and cleaning up some left-overs of a mal/adware infection.

I would have thought that CPF would always allow Symantec Antivirus (a reputable antivirus package, as I understand it) to access the internet.

Can someone give me advice on this, please?

Thanks in advance.


As I am not a Symantec antivirus user I cannot really comment on this. However if you are sure that this is a component of Symantec Antivirus then I would recommend to Allow it. As I said before I do not use Symantec/Norton Antivirus so I do not know what that component of it is or does.

Sorry if I could not be of further assistance :-[

Thanks again, Justin.

Your response reassures me, but I may wait and see if a Symantec user can confirm.

Hello John,

I completely understand that you wish to wait for a Symantec user to confirm, not an issue, remember you can always allow it or deny it and change that choice in the future from the Applications Control monitor in the firewall if for some reason you cannot get a confirmation quickly.