Sygate user switches to Comodo

hey folks. Here is long time Sygate user, but because of the article found here: I decided to give a try Comodo FW.

Ok, here is my problem ( I assume it was discussed many times, but I cannot find it anywhere in this big jungle of posts ): Even though I allow applications ( add them to trusted application zone etc , etc ) - and click “allow connection” - the firewall will ask me again , and again if I want to let the application connect to the internet. I understand that here are several layers of communication within the software, and this connection may be different than that connection - but if I WANT TO ALLOW a software to connect ( like Firefox, Eudora etc ) I want it to connect once and for all. For all layers. Forever.

Is there an easy way of doing it ? I am just tired of clicking hundreds of times “allow” - with no resoults.

help anyone ?

THere are a couple of ways to reduce the number of pop ups. Firstly, Open Comodo and Goto Security>>>Tasks and click “Scan for Known Applications” and then restart comodo by exiting it and then double clicking the icon

Secondly, check that the Component Monitor is set to “Learning”

Thirdly, you can change the level of popups by going to Security>>>Advanced and clicking on “Configure” under the Miscellaneous heading. Then, change the Alert Frequency to “Very Low” so you only get one popup per application.


ok. I just did that as well… we will see if things will improve…