Switching themes and other basic stuff

Being a brand new user of Comodo Dragon and a user of Firefox, I have a problem finding info on several basic features. Any and all guidance is much appreciated.

[ol]- Is it possible to switch between (free) themes previously downloaded/added from the chrome store? Is there a selection list?

  • When opening a new tab, I would like my home page to appear and not the browsing history page. (My home page is a search page).
  • Search results to open in a new tab and have the browser switch to it automatically.[/ol]

Hi and welcome ineuw,
Like Chrome, a lot of Dragons extra functionality comes from extensions.

  1. Most themes for Chrome are compatible with Dragon, it is easy to revert back or remove a theme if it is not suitable.
    Applying Themes-Dragon Help
    Themes-Chrome Web Store

  2. To open a new tab to your homepage, you can hold the ‘Ctrl’ key and hit your home button, alternative use an extension like the one below.
    Replace New Tab Page-Chrome Web Store
    Setting up your Homepage in Comodo Dragon-Dragon Help

  3. The following works with any URL including those in the search results window (Not the search itself).
    Shift+Ctrl+ Mouse Click will open URLs in a new tab and shift focus.
    Shift+Mouse click will open URLs in a new tab, but hold current focus.
    Keyboard and Mouse Shortcuts for Comodo Dragon-Dragon Help

Hope that helps somewhat.
Kind regards.

Many thanks for your help. Everything is understood.

You are welcome, I am glad that helped. :slight_smile:
Enjoy Dragon.

i use cis and love it. the only problem is i use kiosk and the time is military…how do i make it normal time?

Hi drensmith ,
That is a good question and I do not think it is possible.
Maybe something for the wishlist.
Wishlist Format



Hi drensmith,
I agree that the systems settings should be honoured during a virtual session.
I have created a wish direct to the tracker in regards to this issue.

Kind regards.