Switching From CIS to Firewall

I am using CIS and I am happy it is performance. but I have a question?
if I switch CIS from ‘Proactive’ to ‘Firewall Protection’ on configuration menu… Can real-time protection work ?
If I want to test another AV product with Firewall ? Can I use this configuration? I am asking this because I do not want to uninstall CIS and install firewall after.
dear friends I hope you got my point
thanks for replies…

You will have some real-time protection with the firewall security but not all the proactive settings will be enabled.

See for more info here: Comodo Preset Configurations, Firewall Security | Comodo Internet Security v6.2

You can test other AV with Comodo Firewall being in the proactive security mode as well.

If you have CIS installed you will need to disable the AV component entirely. Other than that you can use whichever configuration you were using before.

Ok. then I am using CIS right now…
for example I want to use Avast with Comodo Firewall ? I must switch the “Firewall Protection” and turn off the antivirüs ? Right?
Is there any crash with this combine ?

You don’t even need to switch to Firewall protection. Just disable the AV component.

However, if you do decide to stay with Avast, instead of this just being a short-term test, I would suggest removing the AV component of CIS through the Add/Remove programs section.

I am happy wwith Comodo AV ;D but some of friends ask me that :-TU