Switchable Installation Mode - Default to 'On'

If I missed this then apologies. My suggestion is:
The option to reset to default under ‘Miscellaneous/Settings’

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It is already available in CIS main Summary

Proactive Defense - Installation Mode

When you switched to installation mode for installing a software, it will turn to ‘switch to previous mode’.

I think the present one is more convenient

My error… :-[
The subject: Switchable Installation Mode - Default to ‘On’
Is changed to: Switch To Installation Mode - Default to ‘Yes’
I hope this better expresses where I was going with this topic.

100% of the time, after I have already selected ‘Treat this application as/Installer or Updater’ from the popup, I am asked if I wish to switch to ‘Installation Mode’. The answer is always going to be ‘Yes’. It’s why I selected it. :slight_smile:

It’d be nice if I could set ‘Yes’ as the default and the installation/update automatically continue. :a0