Switch off Windows Firewall

It would be nice to make when installing CFP automatically disables Windows Firewall, so the two of firewall, as two anti-virus, can interfere or even lead to a BSOD :o. For beginners, it will be very useful. :wink:


I think a more preferable implementation might be a prompt on first run, and perhaps a toggle somewhere in firewall settings. And… if the latter is the case as well, a note in the prompt telling the user where to find the option (for future reference).

I hate to play Mr.Anecdotal-Evidence, but of the five computers I’ve been running with CIS, and windows firewall running simultaneously, none of those computers have experienced a BSOD in the past year… well… it’s gotta be getting close to a year at this point. And god knows whether that old BSOD was caused by CIS and Windows Firewall getting in the way of one another. (2 WinXP, 3 Win7)

Anyone have something objective to point to, regarding the whole multiple firewall issue?

Only that everybody suggests doing so…

Even Microsoft (at least with Window XP) has a warning in the security center that running two software firewalls can lead to problems.

That said, on some systems, CIS installation does turn off the Windows firewall. I don’t know the requirements, but I’ve installed CIS on my computer, and two for my sister. One of her machines had the firewall turned off automatically.

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That warning you will see in all of the Windows OS(from xp and above. I don’t know how it is with Windows OS lower than XP).

ZA-firewall in an exeption and it’s also recommended to have Windows firewall on; ZA doesn’t start at boot (as far as I know ) and you are therefore vulnerable during the activation time.