SVHOST outbound only causing connection loss every hour.

I set my firewall to outbound only… the problem is that my pc loses connection for a second about the same time each hour. This is an issue. I’m assuming my ISP needs to do something and setting SVCHOST to outbound only is causing the issue. When the setting is removed there’s no issue. I have Roadrunner for those wondering… hopefully this might give some insight to how to fix the problem. It is a time sync issue? It is something that is trying to refresh my IP and can’t?


They shouldn’t need to modify any computer settings. If they tell you they need access to your computer to provide service, I’d get a different provider.

What type of connection are you on? Cable, DSL or fiber optic? Are you behind a router or directly connected to the web?

It sounds like a problem with renewing of the IP address as initiated by the DHCP server. See if the directions in No network connection after using Stealth Ports Wizard (DHCP Broken) [v4] under point three are fixing the problem for you.

That’s what I’m thinking as well…I wasn’t sure though. To answer your question, I have Cable. Roadrunner is the ISP. I use a modem that’s hooked straight into the pc but the modem has a wireless router.

I set that rule into the CIS. Theres a difference on the final pic though of that guide and that is it my firewall says “Allow UDP in from MAC any” instead of “Allow UDP in from IP any”. I’m guessing it’s different cause the one on the guild is old and I have newest version. Is this correct?

That’s correct.

Does applying this fix it or does the problem persist?