SVHost.exe and others

Hi Guys,

Installed CFW 2013 and its a great FW I love it
But I had a couple off problems when Comodo showed some news about svhost trying to reach the internet.
The program freezed and so it did with Utorrent.
I dont know what happend but now its gone after I uninstalled msn Messenger maybe that was the issue or PSI so I did uninstall it 2

Now it runs smoothly :stuck_out_tongue:


BTW Have a great 2013

Hi Mr.Bit2Bit,

Welcome to the forums!
I don’t know what your issues where exactly with svchost.exe but I hardly doubt that uninstall PSI solved the issue.
It’s a very good product and I haven’t heard of it causing issues like this, so I’d recommend to install it again.

Can you give more details, or verify the Firewall logging to see what kind of alerts these where?

p.s. er is ook een NL board hier als dat makkelijker is.