svchost's parent "System Process" "refuses communication" with CFP [Resolved]

I have Comodo Firewall, AVG Free, Windows Defender and BOClean installed satisfactorily. I tried installing Spyware Terminator as I read it’s better than WD, but some problems appeared. I post here because a) I’ve already asked at the ST forums and b) the problem is certainly caused by ST but ST itself runs fine and it’s CFP what shows strange false positives, albeit because of ST. So I thought someone over here could have a clue.

By the way I didn’t uninstall WD prior to installing ST, I didn’t even lower its resident protection to avoid conflicts since I was told here that there was no reason for them to occur. However it seems WD is completely unrelated to this, rather CFP takes something caused by ST as malware activity, but in a very cheesy way. Right now I’ve restored the system to the point prior to ST’s installation and there are no problems any longer.

After installing ST and rebooting, every time I connect to the Internet (via ADSL modem) I get one of these:

Actually I get loads of them, as soon as I allow the first one a second one appears etc. up to half a dozen. Once I’ve clicked through most of them I can navigate but until then my whole Internet connection is firewalled. That is not my browser which is allowed and I haven’t even run yet, but the very window which reads “Connecting…” or similar sits there frozen until I click “allow” several times.

Also note that there’s no “remember” option and in fact this nuisance repeats itself every single time I try to connect.

Any clue? Thanks in advance.

I had the same problem and i know how to fix it. It’s not Spyware Terminator. You have to disable Netbios over tcp/ip for your adsl modem connection. Do as i say step by step.
Go to “Network Connections” in control panel. Locate your adsl modem connection and right click on it and select Properties. Then click on the Networking tab. Select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties. Then click the Advance button. Then goto the WINS tab and click Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP and finaly click OK for every dialog that is open.

If you need more help let me know. Hope this solves the problem as on me once.

Hi thanks, I’ll need some time to inform whether it works since now that ST isn’t installed I don’t experience that problem any longer, so I’m going to install ST again, which was what I intended at first. (Odd, maybe ST’s resident shield checked some connection that is otherwise idle?)

I’ve read what Windows tells me about that feature that you say I must disable, but alas IT is not my forte. So I asume that although this feature was enabled I’m never ever going to need it?

Well, I’ll try and get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank you very much Nikolas. (:CLP)


Thank you very much again, you were right. I’ve just installed ST again and now I can connect to the Internet without experiencing that problem.

I guess this is resolved. :BNC