svchost questions


I have a newbie question regarding the svchost.exe and would be grateful anyone could answer them.

Using Comodo Internet Security Premium in safe mode, the firewall it asks if I want to connect to dns(53) using svchost.exe, which I do as Comodo is says it’s safe, and I say OK remember my answer as it needs to access to the internet. But reading around about having various ports open that can be a risk to security I checked my config settings for this, and it has source ports as any, and destination ports any.

This may sound like a stupid question, but does that mean I have to manually enter the port I allowed it to from earlier, or is Comodo still keeping svchost secure in the background anyway as it’s in safe mode?

Also does anyone have a link to a specific tutorial for svchost.exe if it would help more.


Are you running FW Only i.e D+ disabled?

Right Click Comodo Icon in the taskbar & set the configuration to Comodo Internet Security. You will not get that alert.


Hello Naren

D+ is enabled for safe mode. It’s not the alert I was concerned about as I can tick to remember but the port security issue if there is one.