SVCHOST Question?.

Should the rule for svchost still be outgoing only in v3.9 as it was in v3.8 or is it taken care of by the default rules in this version?.

still set it as Outgoing Only.

Thank you John.

Why should it be outgoing only? Won’t this block automatic updates and other things?

you need only udp 53 outgoing 8)

I disabled net bios through tcp/ip but svchost keep sending broadcast packets to tcp 138. Wtf on your mind?

No everything works fine with outgoing only

I set to outgoing only and it kept blocking requests coming from my router to my computer every time I restarted. I looked it up and it said that those requests were part of the process of assigning my system it’s address on the network and when I set it to outgoing only, it took a few minutes after restarting to be able to access the internet… I now have a custom rule to allow incoming only from the router’s IP.

The blocked attempts had a source IP of and a destination of which are the addresses of the router and this computer. I don’t think outgoing only is the way to go.

Svchost should work without the need for any ‘inbound’ rules.

If your unsure about what’s happening, add an ‘Ask + log for IP in and out’ rule to svchost. You can then use the log entries to observe the detail.