svchost problems... slow connection please help !!!!!!!!!

Ok i’m using comodo firewall pro and avast antivirus on windows xp. I recently switched my internet service from verizon to my local cable company ( cablevision ) and my connection has been slow as ****. In internet connections it shows that I am connected at 100.0 Mbps so I don’t know whats wrong. If I open up my firewall the only traffic it shows is this

application protocall source destination bytes in bytes out
svchost.exe udp in/out :68 :67 43.617kb 1.349kb

The bytes in and out changes. This is what was there at the moment.

It shows this service as using 100% of my resorces

Also if I click on network from my firewall main page it shows a bar graph of what is being used and it looks like this

tcp 98% udp 2% icmp 0% others 0%

I have run spybot and avast and they didn’t come up with anything. I need help

svchost is part of Windows and should be outgoing only. Understand the DSL at times is a lot quicker cause your not sharing bandwidth. Cable is a shared connection and your speeds will depend upon how many people in your area are using the same connection. Have you tried running a speed test?

I have read that it should be outgoing only bt as you can see in my post I have incoming as well. What should I do about that ?

I am sorry but what you are saying is not correct:

" Cable is a shared connection and your speeds will depend upon how many people in your area are using the same connection"

This is not correct anymore, because cable internet is based on the Docsis technology which is meaning, that the cable can be used to transmit data on it… In the early days when this technology was introduced, in the '90’s it was slow and your speed was limited to the amount of people in your area… Digital subsciber line technology like ADSL were indeed better and more stable…

Now it not longer the case, everyone who is using cable internet has its own platform and the speed are 99.9% of the time the speed you are paying for! In fact DSL technology has its own downside like the distance you are from the DSLAM, if it it is more than 10 kilometers your speed will drop like a brick! this is not the case with cable internet… And all modern networks of ISP’s use fiberglass with sometimes optic connections, so the speed is constantly and stable…

Furthermore I want to tell you that cable intenet has far better future because with the upcoming DOCSIS 3.0 upgrade the speed can go up to 300mbit/s were the DSL technolgy has it limits to 100-120 mbit/s…

so saying that cable internet is slow when your neighbour is on the internet is so oudated information…

Do some research first…

I did a speed test and it came back 15329 kb/s download and 2428kb/s upload.

are you speaking of windows system32 svchost that what mine shows up as and it seams to have set it as custom by itself should i change it to outbound? or leave as it i just notes it in there?

I also have a whole page of inbound and outbound policy violations in my logs which happens every day.

I am now seing 533.758 bytes in for svchost when I open connections. It is set for out only so why am I getting all this inbound traffic ?

svchost,explorer, and system should all be outgoing.

Does your new cable modem have a hardware firewall?

I have incoming on explorer as well.

I don’t know if my new modem has a hardware firewall but I don’t think so.

It’s a scientific atlanta 2203c

You need to find out if you have a hardware firewall and enable it if you do.

Was this before or after you started using CFP? One way to easily tell if CFP is the culprit of your slow internet is simply right-click the system tray icon and disable the Firewall Security Level. Keep in mind this would be a temporary test, so remember to enable it afterwards.

So does mine, but I’m on DSL, which is definitely slower than cable. That’s not your internet speed; that your NIC (Network Interface Card)'s total capacity to handle up to 100.0 Mbps.

You can access The Scientific Atlanta 2203c’s internals to check if there are any firewall settings (which I doubt it has) by inputting this in the address bar:

When I try to log in to my modem I get a message saying “This feature is not enabled” so I assume that it does not have a firewall.

15 Mbps is very fast. Your upload is also fast. What is your internet speed supposed to be? Have you checked with your ISP?

What firewall log are you referencing in your first message? Doesn’t look like a CFP3 message. Does anything show up under firewall events in CFP3? The snapshot you show is your computer trying to get an IP address from your router via DHCP-does it succeed? What log is giving you inbound and outbound policy violations? What are the policies?

That is 124 megabit a second! :o that is 15.5 Megabyte a second! :o that is incredible! :BNC I did not know that this kind of speeds were brought to consumers already! Are you sure you have this kind of speed? Maybe it is 1.5 Megabyte a second this equals 12 megabit a second… and that is fast also! with 124 megabit a second you download full hd movies in 5 minutes or so… :o :o Are you sure you can do this? ???