SVCHOST Numerous Outbound Connections

Hi, I have a dual boot XP and Win7 Pc with Comodo Firewall installed. On XP all appears fine -not many outbound connections but on Win7 I have three hundred or more. The main one which creates many connections is SVCHOST. The destination is internal in my home network - at least that’s what I think but why does this happen in Win7 and not XP? I have attached a screenshot of the connections.


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Which IP address is yours? The UDP traffic on port 161 is for the SNMP protocol: Simple Network Management Protocol - Wikipedia .

Pretty sure my IP address is the first one

Then you probably have the SNMP Trap service running on your system. Go to Services and when SNMP trap is running stop it and set it to start manually. Mine is set to start manually.

Also check the depencies tab in the Properties of the SNMP Traps service to see what programs depend on it. That may help point us to the program starting it.

SNMP TRap is already set to start manually in my Services and there are no dependencies under the properties tab. The outbound connections are always at around a minimum of 280 connections and if I do anything on the PC they get to almost 400.

OK - Found out what it is. I have a wireless printer and it and the HP software on my PC are communicating - at about 20 requests per second!i Is there anyway I can get Comdo Firewall to ignore this? Thanks