every time i start my net connection
i see a ipv6 connection to and its from different port everytime in “ACTIVE CONNECTIONS” tab
i m new to this
any help ?

This is an extract from 6to4 - Wikipedia. Hope this will help you.

[i]"Routing between 6to4 and native IPv6
To allow hosts and networks using 6to4 addresses to exchange traffic with hosts using “native” IPv6 addresses, “relay routers” have been established. A relay router connects to an IPv4 network and an IPv6 network. 6to4 packets arriving on an IPv4 interface will have their IPv6 payloads routed to the IPv6 network, while packets arriving on the IPv6 interface with a destination address prefix of 2002::/16 will be encapsulated and forwarded over the IPv4 network.

To allow a 6to4 host to communicate with the native IPv6 Internet, it must have its IPv6 default gateway set to a 6to4 address which contains the IPv4 address of a 6to4 relay router. To avoid the need for users to set this up manually, the anycast address of has been allocated for the purpose of sending packets to a 6to4 relay router. Note that when wrapped in 6to4 with the subnet and hosts fields set to zero this IPv4 address ( becomes the IPv6 address 2002:c058:6301::. To ensure BGP routing propagation, a short prefix of has been allocated for routes pointed at 6to4 relay routers that use this anycast IP address. Providers willing to provide 6to4 service to their clients or peers should advertise the anycast prefix like any other IP prefix, and route the prefix to their [i]6to4 relay.

Packets from the IPv6 Internet to 6to4 systems must be sent to a 6to4 relay router by normal IPv6 routing methods. The specification states that such relay routers must only advertise 2002::/16 and not subdivisions of it to prevent IPv4 routes polluting the routing tables of IPv6 routers. From here they can then be sent over the IPv4 Internet to the destination.[/i]An extension of 6to4 called IPv6 rapid deployment removes the requirement of depending upon a possibly misconfigured external relay server."[/i]


This is IPv6 6to4 tunnelling. If you’re not using IPv6, yet, you can disable the tunnelling options.

  1. Open a command prompt then copy and paste each line below, one by one, pressing enter after each:

netsh interface 6to4 set state state=disabled undoonstop=disabled
netsh interface isatap set state state=disabled
netsh interface teredo set state type=disabled

These can easily be reversed.

ty guys problem solved ;D