I did a Windows Update 2 days ago and now when I switch/log on I get a fire-wall window with Sychost.exe, to start with there is no ‘tick’ square, so I click on ‘deny’ it keeps coming back, after a while there is a square and I tick ‘accept’ and after a few more windows, all of which I click ‘allow’ it finally goes away,
what can I do to stop this, it only happens when I first log on,

all of a sudden now it has popped up, with no tick square
when I tick Send to Comodo for analysis, it says it has problem Compressing Files.
it has just disappeared on it;s own now, bl***y annoying,
I have Comodo

Is this a support forum???
does anyone get help here???


As far as I’m aware (and I just checked the Comodo website), the current version of 2.4 is, and you’re saying you have I just want to make sure we’re on the same page…

As far as the issue with MS Updates and svchost, there have been times in the past when Updates caused numerous problems with the system, and endless FW prompts about svchost.

If I recall correctly from those times, the best way to resolve the issue is to boot into SafeMode, uninstall CFP.

Reboot into SafeMode, reinstall CFP. There is a thread here in the forums about exporting CFP’s settings via a batch file. However, given svchost problems, I wouldn’t suggest doing that for the entirety of your configuration. CFP stores its settings in the registry in this path:

HKLM/System/Software/Comodo/… If you follow the path down, you will find the config settings (registry entry, not a user-readable thing) for Network Monitor, Application Monitor, etc. I wouldn’t export AppMon’s reg key, but NetMon shouldn’t be a problem.

In order to do so, prior to uninstalling you will need to open CFP, go to Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous and uncheck the box to Protect Own Registry Settings. Then export the reg file, save to desktop or somewhere easy to find.

After reinstalling in SafeMode, but before rebooting, double-click that exported reg key to re-import it. Then reboot and when everything comes up, your NetMon rules will be there waiting for you… :slight_smile:

Hope that helps,


Sounds far to complicated, might go back to Norton

Assuming you don’t have an idea nor the willing to know what svchost.exe is, best is to switch to Norton. (:CLP)

Congrats to a very clever decision… (:TNG)

Sorry, if I sound ironic… :-*