svchost.exe w/ parent services.exe? [Resolved]

Hi all,

I have CPF (latest version) installed on my 3 home PC’s. Lately, all have been popping up the alert:

Generic host process for Win32 is trying to act as a server
application SVCHOST.EXE
“Explorer.exe has tried to use svchost.exe through OLE automation. Explorer.exe might be using svchost.exe to connect to the Internet.”

I know both are known programs, but it’s odd that all my PC’s have just started giving me the same alert. Did something change within CPF recently?

Just making sure it’s OK to Allow and remember. Can anyone advise?


It’s okay to allow w/remember. Recent Windows updates made some significant changes to the system, and it’s most likely related to that.

Rule of thumb from developers is that if you recognize the applications in those hijacking alerts, they are safe to allow & remember so you don’t have to mess with that specific alert again. The time to be concerned is if you do not recognize one or both applications…

Hope that helps,


Thank you very much for the prompt reply, LM!

No problem. I’ll go ahead and mark the topic as resolved, and close it. If you need it reopened, just PM a Moderator (Please include a link back here) and we’ll be glad to do so.