Svchost.exe trying to remote connect? RESOLVED

I am using the basic comodo firewall and I have it running in safe mode.

Yesterday I was asked whether or not to approve a connection from svchost.exe. It told me it would be going to another computer. I remember it said “remote” in the info.

Well today I was playing a game and it froze like a huge lag spike kicked in. I was like what the hell. So I looked and it showed that the same request from yesterday happened. was the IP source

I looked it up and it tells me its local…

So what I need to know is this safe, should I allow it?

Do you use a router?

Allow it. It’s from your router. Don’t worry it’s not a hacking things.

I currently dont have the router hooked up.

What kind of internet connection do you have?

Can you show me the firewall logs with screen shot?

Welcome to the Forum, Triplex.

Locate Svchost.exe in Firewall/Advanced/network Security Policy. Select it and click Edit.
Click ‘Use Predefined Policy’, and select ‘Outgoing only’. Click ‘Apply’ to each window on your way out.

This predefined rule will allow outgoing requests only and will log everything else.

Thank you for the help both of you.

John I have submitted some other things in a PM if you wouldn’t mind checking that out.

Thank you