svchost.exe tries to contact lots of servers :-(

Having Comodo in “high” mode to check what servers programs contact I notice “svchost.exe” that constantly tries to conect lots of servers of different IP’s at port 80 and 443. Anyone know what this is? The list of servers include:

Is this normal, is it Microsoft Update, or should I block and search for something on my system?

Hi Lars-Erik

According to DNS Stuff they are all Microsoft IPs (see below). And given that ports 80 (http) & 443 (https) are being used, I’m fairly confident that this is indeed Windows Update. However, is a different matter. You should search the forums and do a Google for “”. Akamai is some sort of data-update-manager-thingy used by companies like ZA , I’m not sure about Microsoft however.

Microsoft Windows Update IPs…

I used Za before, but that is not on the system now. What I think of when I head “akami” is web-ads and spyware :frowning: