svchost.exe, system processes and so

Since a few months, the warnings of Comodo have been multiplied a lot, but not about attacks. What I frequently see is this warning

I dont know what it is. Is it dangerous or not? Whenever I delay to ‘Allow’ this, either some connections (eg URLs or file transfers) won’t work, or my connection drops

And if it is totally safe, how can i get rid of this notification? At periods, it gets repeated VERY intensely and disrupts my work


First of all, wrong forum you should post in ‘Comodo Firewall->Help’.

Now to your question.
Do you have ‘File and Printer Sharing’ enabled(since port 139 is used for that)?
Else, this could be a virus, I’ve never got an alert about svchost.exe with System process as the parent.
You should do a scan with you AV and other malware-programs if you don’t have ‘File and Printer Sharing’ enabled.
Port 139 is commonly used by hackers.