svchost.exe; System; Comodo Firewall 5.9

Please Help a noob…

I have been browsing the COMODO forums for 76 minutes now and still I cant find a direct answer to a simple question
“Should I set system and svchost.exe to what?
a.) allow (remember my answer)
b.) outgoing only (remember my answer)”

Some of the posts Ive read that system and svchost.exe should always be set to outgoing only,
others say that you should “Allow” it as it is needed for Windows Update .
I understand that svchost.exe and system have multiple subprocesses that is needed by windows and other apps but I just
want to hear a simple answer.

So is it a. or b.

Im using Windows 7 Professional SP1,
Programs installed in my computer so far are as follows:

Thanks a lot for bearing with me :slight_smile:

I wish future version of COMODO Firewall will set these things automatically to lessen the “intimadation factor” it gives to noobs like myself

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Unfortunately, it’s not quite a clear cut as that, at least not without further information. For example, are you on a LAN, do you share files or printers, do you use Windows 7 Homegroups, do you want to use IPv6 tunnelling when you use utorrent etc. It’s also worth pointing out, that the System process and svchost, along with several other system processes, already have firewall rules by default. Take a look at the Windows System Applications rule, it is actually a pointer to a group with the same name in Defence+ and covers connectivity for these processes.

For the most part, allowing outbound access only will be sufficient, however, you might want to take a look through this thread as a starting point.

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