Svchost.exe Still a pain!!

With the latest version (.15.277) I used Firewall/define a new blocked application/running processes to block svchost.exe (which seems to come up all the time swapping unknown bytes with the outside world).

  1. Now I have done this how do I remove it from blocked applications?
  2. There are several instances of this running. Under running process can you show the PID for each so I can identify the correct one? and also because something else unknown is launching it (and re launching it if I kill it) Is there any way to identify what?


I’ve tried stopping Svchost.exe from getting out and it doesn’t seem to matter.

There should be several instances running, as they do different things. To see what’s on each, try Process Explorer from

Putting the mouse pointer over each process will show what it is running.

As for the i/o bytest: yes, I noticed this after fitting a new HDD, but only because of the noise - the old HDD did the same. I don’t know what causes it (searching gave no definite results) but, in my case, it could be the driver[s] for the Zoom PCI modem. If you can find out what it is I’d love to know.

Interesting link