svchost.exe outbound Connections


Since I’ve installed CIS, which is awesome btw, I’ve noticed that the number of outbound connections the my computer has fluctuates between 900 - 1800 connections continuously.

Under the Traffic section, the only things that are being displayed are:

svchost.exe around 70%
chrome.exe around 20%
svchost.exe (again) around 8%
System around 2%

I, for example, only have one tab open in chrome at the moment and it’s still showing 1286 outbound connections. That seems to be one too many outbound connections for what I’m doing.

Is there any reason as to why I’d have so many outbound connections and is there anything that I can/ should do to sort this out?

Any help is greatly appreciated!


I’m actually having this exact same problem. I’m noticing that my internet connection slows considerably as well while Chrome has that many outbound connections. Did you ever find a fix to this?

Are you using any torrent based programs or browser plugins?