svchost.exe is trying to receive a connection from the internet

I am being bombarded with the message that svchost.exe is trying to receive a connection from the internet.
I did some searching on the forum and I understand it is linked with uTorrent. However, different threads have different solutions for the same problem.

Solution 1: Enable only outbound requests for scvhost.exe.

Solution 2: Disable ipv6 in Windows or uTorrent

Some other threads have other solutions.

What is the correct method of fixing this?
To temporarily shut this up, i’ve allowed only outgoing requests for svchost.exe.

Svchost.exe is not related to uTorrent. Are you behind a router or is your computer directly connected to the internet?

I have a Belkin N300 Wireless N Modem Router. Connected to it using ethernet.

Can you see if the IP addresses of the traffci for svchost.exe is trying to receive from are on the local network?

IP is external, multiple different IP’s.

Not sure if this is helpful…Here are a few IP’s from which i get the requests (Mentioned just the initial address)

Thank you those are public IP address (from the web) and not local IP address (from a local network). At what port is the traffic coming in? Are you using uTorrent? What port is it using?

What IP address does your computer have? Is it somewhere in the 192.168.x.y range?

My ip is assigned by the router. So always starts with 192.168.1.
uTorrent Port - 62534

At what port is the traffic coming in?

Which traffic are you referring to here? The svchost.exe requests?
All the requests I observed just now, comes on port 56194 - UDP.

Can you post a screenshot of the firewall logs? That would greatly help to getter a good understanding of your situation.

Have attached the firewall logs

[attachment deleted by admin]

You have an open port on your router: 58168 UDP. It is best to close it. May uTorrent or another program forgot to close it after the program got closed.

How do i close it?

Since you mentioned router, we have multiple devices at home connected to the same router. So i think BitTorrent is running at times on the other PC. Not sure if this is relevant here.