Svchost.exe HELP! PLEASE! :)

Hello guys I’m new here! I know you all heard enough about Svchost.exe! Sorry!

All I want to know is it SAFE to have Svchost.exe as a trusted application? If not can somebody guide me step by step how to make it safe? I want to get all the updates but stay safe? P.S I don’t speak PC language so be clear with me :slight_smile:

Thank you very much :slight_smile:


If you haven’t changed the default firewall rules, svchost is already covered by the Windows System Applications rule. Windows updates also use the Windows Updater Applications rule. Basically, unless you want to start creating rules for specific purposes, you’re covered.

Thank you very much… One more Q… Can hackers target svchost.exe to take control of your PC if it’s in Comodo trusted application? From some I heard that you should set svchost.exe as outbound only? Is that true?

The rules I referenced above are configured to allow outbound only. System processes should never be set as ‘trusted’ applications.

Right! Thank you… ;D

Me again… Please don’t kill me! LOL! Since I put my svchost.exe as outgoing only I have well over 170 intrusions all the time… I think it’s all safe… So firewall is no good? How can I change that? Or shall I leave it? Thanks…

I think you’ll need to be a little more specific :slight_smile: Would you mind posting a screeshot of your firewall application rules and the log entries.

It’s all sorted now! Thank you! ;D I just played a bit with firewall settings and now it stoped blocking svchost.exe ports… I done the following… My firewall is in the safe mode… I enabled IPv6 filtering… And selected most of the options in the Advance button (Firewall Behavior Settings apart from Monitor NDIS) also I done a reset of ‘block all incoming connections’ in the stealth ports wizard… But now due to this Skype is a bit funny… Oh well… What can you do? LOL!