svchost.exe & CFP v3.0.19.318

I’ve updated to the latest build & I’m now finding that cfp is asking to now allow or block svchost.exe. It has never done this before & I just wanted to check if I should allow of block it when my programs ask to use it?

For a safe approach, allow out and block in (except possibly for stuff from your router). It doesn’t always show up explicitly (it is buried in things like windows updater applications in the rules) and I don’t know why it is suddenly appearing for you. Under Vista, I never hear from it directly, although I can see the connections it is making.

I’ve attached a photo of exactly what the programs do when asking to use svchost.exe.

[attachment deleted by admin]

svchost.exe is an operating system program that runs the Windows Services for the applications, so there are generally a bunch of copies of it running. A guess is that this might be a manual start of a service used by totalrecorder.exe. If you know the parent, should be no problem.

Well if you read the alert it tell you that if you know what the program is you can allow it. concerns the DNS cache(among other things) this is most likely what the program is accessing.Like Sded says if you know the parent its ok.


Thanks for all your help. Just one more thing, is there a way to find out which files certain processes are using? I know theres a process list in CFP, but only shows the main files being used by windows.

Thats a hard one. I think if you Google it you may be able to find a program. I use AnVir Task Manager which gives you alot of info about different services running and processes.

I’ll show you THE WAY: Type in the browser of your choice; then you will be directed to a page owned by Microsoft(they bought Sysinternals last year).
There you can find the ProcExplorer; simply THE BEST to do what you like to do! Better than AnVir, because Sysinternals chief Mark Russinowitch knows Windows much better than anyone else. I think better then Billy G.!!! (:CLP)
(I recommend to download the complete SysinternalsSuite, there are many good and useable tools in it and nothing must be installed!)

I got AnVir Task Manager Pro for free on I like it better then Process Explorer. Gives you more detail.