Svchost.exe and homegroup


I do not understand much about firewalls, so i would like to make 2 questions to be sure i am not making something wrong. I recently joined homegroup of windows 7 (to share files). And after that i started receiving a pop up (screenshot) in both of my computers (the other ended in 100). i know it is just the IPs given by my router, so i think, i can accept it. So my questions are:

1- Can i really accept it, is it really secure?
2-If i do accept, and one day, one of my computers gets infected (worm), would the firewall of the other computer be able to protect the computer , not letting the worm to slip through?


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You can accept it. Sharing with another computer always adds a bit of risk of course.

That being said CIS has a very strong defense line to help keep malware out. It will also protect against most zero day attacks with the Buffer Overflow (shellcode injection) protection.

In short I wouldn’t be afraid to share with other computers on the local network despite the slight increase of risk.

Many Thanks EricJH