Svchost downloading all the time

From my IP(ext IP):68 to

And it seems to never stop. I already scanned using COMODO.

How do I stop this?

And why is it downloading?

Are you sure both ports are 68?

What you’r seeing is part of a DHCP transaction but usually that involves ports 67 and 68.

Ah my mistake, sloppy of me

It’s from my IP(external) port 68 to

Is it safe?

Yes, it’s safe. DHCP is the process that allows your PC to obtain an IP address for use on the Internet.

But why is it downloading all the time now?

Can you define “all the time” maybe a screen-shot of the connections…

This is similar to what Michael has asked about, except the ‘sourse’ is
And also, the PID changes everytime it connects.

Radaghast, is this also a part of a DHCP transaction?

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Here are some explanations of how the Dynamic Host Configuration protocol (DHCP) works DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) Basics | Microsoft Learn

Good reading.

Is this the PID of the svchost instance that hosts the DHCP client service? If so, it’t almost certain it will change between re-boots, but it shouldn’t change during a single session.

Radaghast, is this also a part of a DHCP transaction?

It is. The client Ip Address will remain until quite late in the lease acquisition phase and will also revert to if a negative or no response is received from the DHCP server the originally issued the address.

The captures in the link Boris has provide show the process quite well.