hi all!

don’t know if anyone can explain that, but since yesterday evening, I get this uninterrupted flow of data on my system, it just does not stop.Here are screenshots of the connection activity (the one I worry about) + 1 shot of the rules log, if it helps. Thanks.

Oh yes I blanked my ip on the connection log, and replaced it with “my ip” in the rules log report.

well another problem now: your server tells me that the upload folder is full and I cannot send my screenshots (about 400 kb).

You can upload screens, via FileHost, to various providers (I recommend Imageshack).

thanks for the tip, but how do you think I’m gonna upload screenshots to the forum, attached to my posts, to this forum, using filehost ? (:NRD)

Sorry I have no idea, I never upload screens as attachments, I use ImageShack.
I guess, that you have reached the limit, try to remove old stuff, if you posted any.
If you have not posted any attachments, then you will have to wait till it will be fixed.

ImageShack: Click “Browse” - find the image on HDD Click on it - “Open” - Click “Host It!”
Choose - “Thumbnail for forums (1)” - Copy the whole line - Paste it in here - you will get:

thank you I’ll try it now…

thank u too for the screenshot of imagshack…I notice that you’re running Vista, which means that u cannot use any comodo product, unless u dual-boot with xp. I can’t run RC1 anymore since I had to move my modem away from the pc, and use a wi-fi connection. There’s no available vista supported driver for my wi-fi adapter. And the router is too far now to connect thru ethernet… (:SAD).

I know the last post was a bit out of topic…

anyone can help?


Thanks for the PM. To be honest, I have no idea why you have all those different svchost connections; looks like they’re all pretty much on one port. The IP listed,, looks like a router IP, or default network IP (Gateway, other PC, etc), as assigned by the router. If the Source IP on all these was your computer’s IP, then it looks like communication between router and PC, or possibly between your PC, and another PC on your immediate network.

Go to Start/Run and type in “cmd”. When the DOS window opens up, type “ipconfig /all” at the prompt. See if that IP is there. That will at least clear up part of the question.

Also, you’ve posted your question here in the Forums; have you filed a ticket with Support?


is a brodcast ip it is primarlair used too find the ip of devices on your pc like printers scaners and stuf

sorry I forgot to mention that is my router. Just I don’t understand why there’s so much trafiic with my pc.It happens again tonight, with a microsoft connection on top of the list (65.54.etc…), just like yesterday. I’m sure the answer is somewhere at Microsoft.

By the way, I know that sounds impossible, but yesterday, after a firefox session during which I visited this forum here, I scanned my computer with Spybot S&D and found a comodo forum cookie in the cookies folder of internet explorer. Problem is I NEVER use internet explorer, other than for manual windows update, and I of course never visited this forum with IE…I posted the issue to mozilla, and they don’t believe that’s possible. Don’t know how it happened.

thanks sarah,but I knew it, I just forgot to say it to Littlemac in my previous post

anyway this traffic flow is not a firewall issue, and I don’t think the support team would accept a ticket about it, well I’m not sure.

most likely microsoft wga or something

if you mean Windows Genuine Advantage, well that’s quite possible.

Maybe your NIC card is starting to go bad. A bad NIC card will shoot out packets in a flood sometimes. A packet sniffer would probably help you see what is causing them.


I don’t think so cause I can connect easily to anything I want, and my connections are always very fast…

and I’m a bit reluctant to using packet sniffers, cause u never know, apart from what u see, what else they can do on your system. I’ve used one a while ago that was trying to connect to it’s publisher web site, could be to tell him which ports were open on my pc or something…
it was Nirsoft. But I’m sure others do the same…