svchost and port 135

hi I’m using the 64bit version of comodo firewall v3.0.14.276 on windows XP x64 SP2.

the 64bit one doesn’t seem to recognise a lot of windows services.
it’s even worse with defense+ on so I have defense+ disabled.

svchost is the one I’m having trouble with. if I block it when it wants to use port 135 then internet connection sharing doesn’t work. if I allow it, ICS works but then port 135 is open for all the world to see.

I want to have ICS working AND have my ports stealthed.
is there a way I can do that please?

I’ve installed comodo on windows xp 32 bit as well and didn’t get any pop-ups for windows services.

Try setting up a trusted network. Go to the “stealth ports wizard” and set one up so all of the computers in it can talk to each other but are blocked to the outside. And do a search in the forum for Internet Connection Sharing-there were some early ICS problems that were solved in the latest build. What other services are you having problems with?