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I’ve been using Comodo Internet Security for quite some time (on Windows XP Pro SP2 upon which Comodo Internet Security is permanently updated) and have since day one been impressed by the product subsequently promoting the use of Comodo products to all my customers, friends and relatives. I did experience a couple of incidents, but in each case Comodo came to the party and detected the risk in advance and presented me with an option to clean the risk.
Recently I discovered a suspicious file, ViewDrive.exe (inclusiding an autorun.inf linking to it), on a network drive and subsequent research indicated that it could be a hazardous file. Please advise as per the attachment as Comodo doesn’t detect the file as an infected file.
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Hello yolandre

I have downloaded the file before I removed it (Please do not upload malicous files here)

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Jacob & Haja: Thanks for the guidance & pardon the incorrect posting location? As can be noted I’m new here, but will do so in future.

Just for those interested: it appears that ViewDrive was indeed a harmful infection. I have since my original post received absolutely no confirmation or and correspondence in this regard, but have noticed that since my last Comodo update on Sunday, 09 Jan 2011, that Comodo actually detects the infection and claims to clean it eventhough I have my doubts.
After scanning my file server and obtaining clean results there from I copied a folder from my file server to a flash disc (also scanned and confirmed clean) and upon first use of the flash disc this morning got another infection. Quite confusing… Well, I guess it is back to scanning & cleaning all units on my LAN…