suspicious file submission

Being a new user, I do not know “which” files to submit. For example, after installing a new app. that is not recognized by CFP the window containing the files which are to be defined as safe, etc or to be submitted contains all files in the app. e.g. I installed’s suite and it contains a huge number of files which includes several executables and a huge number of dll’s. etc.

I don’t think you want the whole apps’ set of files, so which ones should be filtered out (if possible) to be/ not be submitted for analysis & addition of the app to the white list? Does one have to individually add files to be submitted?
If so, this would take forever and probably not even be attempted by most users.

And if filtering is possible, how is it accomplished?

What is the normal timeline, with the thousands of probable submissions, for adding new apps to CFP’s white list?



With all pending files, I first hit purge, then look up I’ll look at then the remaining files when it asks if you would like to submit. If they look OK, like my new Avira definitions, I’ll click no to not submit and remove. If it’s new program files or something I don’t recognize, I’ll submit.

Thanks for the reply “Hiker”.