Suspicious file submission *improvements

Hi all

We know that the CIS Gui will have an option for suspicious file submission. It’s better if we have an option to include the e-mail address. so we can get the results about the submitted file through mail.

MuthusrinivasaN :slight_smile:

I agree. There should be an option while submitting through CIS to enter your email address. This option should not be mandatory.

False Positives and Suspicious files can also be sent via:

I know that when CIS detects something the threatcast results will display. But could a selection option be made available to submit the file for analysis from within that popup? And if the file has already been submitted, show the current status of the submission (good file, bad file, still under review)? And while the user is researching an answer, don’t let the popup disappear?
I just think that the threatcast alone is not enough information to make a decision. If enough people make the wrong choice, it then looks like the most popular response and suggests that a user make the same response. So it gets to be a snowball down the mountain kind of a thing.

that has been discussed already. But you can mess with the time a display is shown on the screen. Open CIS, D+ settings at the top, advanced on the left and D+ settings on the bottom. In the new window you can enter how many seconds you want the display to stay on the screen.

The file submission window could display the results, too, instead of “already submitted”, which is there for months for some files in my quarantine.