Suspicious file in install file in latest version from download site

I decided to give Vista 32 bit (yet) another chance, so after having it setup I decided to install/try to install V3 of the firewall (latest) from the Comodo download site.

When I tried to install it, NOD32 displayed a red warning message, saying “Found suspicious file in s4.tmp, file has been moved to quaratine” So I decided to try again and same problem.

So any ideas?

Does it name the file? There have been reports of various virus scanners not liking the new toolbar.

Its a false positive on NOD32’s part. My Avira did the same. Its cause of the new toolbar install which you do not have to install. Simply ignore NOD32’s warning.

Bit hard to ignore it or do anything when NOD32 interupts the installation, and automacticly removes the file to it’s Virus vault.

Anyways ment s1.tmp not s4.tmp

NOD32 detects it as:
Varient of Win32/Adinstaller Application

I’ll see if I can install the Firewall from an earlier installer to see if I can get around it, without tempory disabling NOD32.

It is a False Positive.


If you want the latest version of Comodo then you need to disable NOD32 temporarily which can be easily done.

i had the same alert from avira with one of the files. i’ve submitted it to them as a false positive and they’e removed it from the database :slight_smile: