Suspicious File | 58ea3e2-77f428fd.dat


I just wanted to report a file that I already reported to Comodo by email, web form, and Valkyrie about two weeks ago; but it still has not been listed as malware or not malware, so I am posting it here as well.

SHA256: 5ba8b0299a4cbacf7f91aaf24b4ab7487343840fa4ca601e8a0072b9c7a9a652
SHA1: 51d28c751adc2dce37448be7f833bb7917004d44
MD5: 9d0d2f0229745ebb6c9657b56a14f262
File size: 12.2 KB ( 12533 bytes )
File name: 58ea3e2-77f428fd.dat
File type: JAR
Detection ratio: 13 / 40

Thank you,
-John Jr :slight_smile:

Hi -John Jr,

Thank you for your submission. We’ll check this.

Kind Regards,
Erik M.

You are welcome, and thank you. :slight_smile: