Suspicious connections to I.P.

yesterday when i was watching active connection window
IE and svhost were both trying to connect to a same ip address
the ip belong to godaddy webhosting service
I bought the netbook 1 week ago, my ie is clean with only default plugin.
this happen when i browsing

I suspected this is somekind of reverse connection dll inject trojian
can someone prove me wrong, else i hav to return this netbook

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Hi rocketscience,

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I don’t think it’s trojan traffic, it’s probably OSCP or CRL traffic for https site verification.

Has records of this IP and DNS belonging to

Online Certificate Status Protocol (OCSP) is an Internet protocol used for obtaining the revocation status of an X.509 digital certificate.

thx for the reply
but sorry about that I don’t know much about ssl site verification
all that i know is that it’s for encrypted webhosting server that starts with https://
I played around trojian horse on my 2 computer long time ago
in order to keep track of the victim, it will upload the victim ip info to a webserver, ssl server in this case i think

I don’t think and svhost will have anything to do with godaddy and it’s ssl verification
that’s what make me so suspicious

i know a hacker who lives very close to me, he use godaddy webhost service, that’s all that i know, i couldn’t ask him did u hack me. that’s why it worried me so much

so how much possiblity that i was getting hacked

have you seen any other suspicious behavior lately?