Suspicious components?

I switched my firewall’s component monitor to on recently and have been doing well for a while, but then I started getting various components asking for permission some of which I was told were legit and so I permitted them, now I get the odd one every now and again

This component came up today when I was using Messenger, Msgrapp.8.1.0178.00.dll, I was wondering whether anyone could verify if it was safe as a google search brought up many articles in other languages

Does anyone know of a website that tells you details on various files and tells you whether they are legit or not

Hi sanctuary24.

From what I can tell that DLL is associated with Livecall.exe and msnim, both of which, as far as I know, are legit parts of Live Messenger.

There are a few sites around, none of which are completely comprehensive :frowning:

Perhaps someone else will know of a good site for file info.


Here you can find some info.

Here’s another:

How do we know about these sites? It all starts out with a friend called google ;D