"Suspicious behaviour" from alleged nonspyware program...

After downloading a program called “AoA audio extractor” (Free Audio Extractor,Extract audio from video,Extract Youtube Audio,Sound Recorder) and installing it, I tested its performance on a video file, then quit the program. When I subsequently opened an IE6 window, my Comodo firewall delivered a popup message stating that “aoaaudioextractor.exe has modified the the(sic) user interface of C:\WINDOWS\explorer.exe by sending special Window messages.” This type of warning popped up a few other times when opening other applications, but disappeared after a reboot. Scans with AVG antivirus, Spy Sweeper, Spybot S & D, and Ad-Aware turned up nothing. Is there a reasonable explanation for this type of behavior? I have contacted AoA and they assure me that there is nothing in their application which would account for this.

G’Day Steen4 and welcome to the forums
I was a bit worried when I first started getting these alerts. Still get them, not as frequent since the last update.
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