Suspicious behavior with ccleaner

under my log for the severe warning it says that ccleaner has modified the user interface of firefox.exe by sending special window messages. should i be concerned?


probably is only CCleaner that tries to open it’s web page through firefox for the download of a new version.

If you make sure you have Alerts turned on (Security/Advanced/Miscellaneous, top check-box), and in your Network Monitor for your outbound rule (check the box that says, "Create an Alert if this rule is fired), you should be seeing a popup when ccleaner (or any app not already covered by a rule) tries to make this connection attempt. That way you’ll know exactly when it happens.

It probably is trying to do an update, as ubik noted. You can always create a rule for CPF to Ask you any time ccleaner wants to connect. Or you can allow without checking the “remember” box, and it’ll alert each time anyway.