Suspect behavior of Windows Defender and the protection offered by a Firewall

Hello all!

I am writing to ask about something strange that happens with a friend. He uses Windows Defender, and his firewall, Outpost, informed that MSMPENG.exe (Windows Defender process) was trying to connect to the internet using a comand line parameter: -VerifyOSGenuine -RestrictedPrivilegies

My question: is Comodo Firewall Pro, 2.4 or 3.0, capable to detect and protect me from something like this?

Thanks for your time, your big forum and for this excellent firewall! :BNC

Excuse my bad english, please.

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Until now, no answer (:SAD)

Nobody knows? It’s not a competition, and if it was, I’m with Comodo, but I think that this kind of advertisment informed by Outpost is important…

Thanks anyway! (L)

Well i know that VerifyOSGenuine Is used to verify if your OS (Operating System) Is genuine or An illegal copy. Sorry but this is about all i know.

CFP3 will give you an alert that MSMPENG.exe is trying to launch MPCMDRUN.exe, but it won’t give you the command line(-VerifyOSGenuine -RestricPrivilegies). Like Goose17 said, it’s a part of the Windows Genuine Advantage propagande, so if your friend’s OS is genuine, then he shouldn’t need to worry about it :wink:

Still it’s strange, since I think you have to verify that your OS is genuine when you install Windows Defender?


Thanks for your reply guys! :wink:

What let me bored is the way that Microsoft use to verify OS genuine… a real spyware technique! (:AGY)