Susbsystem problem

Not posted in the bug report beacuse i’m not sure if is a app problem or my computer problem

I cannot use the subsystem to take/rollback snapshots - it always freeze! - Sometimes take snapshots work right but rollback always freeze - I need try rollback 10-15 times until it work (when work) - i not have RAID - I’m using a Seagate IDE drive ( slave of the DVD-rom drive). Motherboard is a GA-MA69VM-S2.
I shot for all sides to try resolve this issue but nothing worked. I formated 3 times with different partition schemes and nothing. Take a look at the BIOS options and not see something that can be relationed. I’m using Vista SP2 - Tried change form x86 to x64 too and nothing. Added the main .exe to DEP exclusions - nothing. The strange is this only happen with the subsystem - if i take a snapshot or make a rollback from Windows (through the system tray) it work right. In the VM (with the same Vista dvd - only without SP2) all work OK. The same occur with rollback RX, eaz-fix and ay recovery. You guys have some clue in what can be?

Could you please provide more detailed hardware information?
For example:
Hard disk size?
How many partitions did you have?
And total space, free space, file system on each partitions.
These informations will help us to reproduce and diagnose the problem.


ow sorry.

HD 80gb
2 partitions
system partition - 25 gb - 12.8 free
other - 49.5 gb - 20.7gb free

The 2 is NTFS