Survey: New HackerProof Design

Hi Everyone,

Please help us evaluate the new HackerProof logo design by taking a short survey. We appreciate it!

Click here:


Eh No Likey on the new design :frowning:


I said similar on the survey.

And me, it looks like Hastings direct shield, not eye catching, doesn`t invoke a sense of security, awful…!


Looks a bit like a fake Av i some times see

Just keep the one you have and add a flash anamation that should make it stand out and still look good.

The old logo was best, this new one is aggressive, bloody :-\ red

I also prefer the old design.

It is cleaner, more descriptive/informative.
I don’t just mean in text. On other levels as well.
It’s color choices and what it says instantly without saying anything.

Even just at a glance the old one invokes the thought,…For me at least.
This page is Checked (check), Green (good to go), Clean (white, more business like, professional)
Explicit (point to verify, oh so it’s not just an affiliate ad button).


I like the old design to.

I don’t think the new one look as good as the other one, and it’s to aggressive with the red color.

Any more feedback before we close the survey?

This is what I said :

the red color is better, but perhaps you should use the shield from the old version and combine it with the new text/style ?


Red is not the right color…

Red is the “alert” color… “WARNING” and stuff like that wear red… you don’t want the webshop to say “warning”… Green on the other hand is the color saying SAFE… “exit” signs and similar are green to signalate that this is a SAFE exit in case of emergency… in the traffic as well, red means STAY DANGER TO DRIVE TRAFFIC, green on the other hand says SAFE to DRIVE…

You have a nice logo, don’t switch it for that…

Red and the “safe feeling” don’t go hand in hand unfortunately. Green does…