Surprising number of application areas that are marked as unknown in Defense+

On my wishlist is the desire for the known application list to be expanded. I installed an open source program (Pidgin) for doing IM across multiple protocols. (a requirement of my job) I can understand this is unknown and would like it and its child dll’s to be registered as a known application in the database.

However I downloaded and installed TrueCrypt and that came up in the Unknown list. For a security product I would expect to have all security-related products known and marked as trusted.

Comodo’s whitelist is constantly expanding, but you could still help by submitting all the files marked as ‘unknown’ to Comodo for analysis. Are you running Defense+ in Clean PC Mode? If so, submit all the unknown files via My Pending Files (easiest way IMO) :SMLR

If your Defense+ is in Safe Mode, temporarily switch to Clean PC Mode, then launch the applications that you know CIS doesn’t recognise. They’ll be allowed to run, but the associated files will be listed in MPF, so open that and submit them all :SMLR

I have submitted my entire computer.

I started doing this even before CIS went into beta.

They still have not added any of the windows or nvidia files to the whitelist eventhough they 1. already have them and 2 i submitted them over a year ago.

Thats odd…

I don’t know then ???