Surf The Web And Listen To Music A Big No No :O

I wasn’t sure where to put this, maybe you technically minded people could help me :slight_smile:
I have a Quad-Core Q8200
3GB Ram
Yet for some ■■■■■■■■ reason my computer slows to a craw when I play music or video (i.e on youtube).
I have Norton 360 3.0 on this PC as my security set-up.

Detailed informations needed.
OS type.
Hardware type.
Full list of installed softwares

Ok here it is

[attachment deleted by admin]

remove following programs one bye one.
1.COMODO backup
2.COMODO system-Cleaner
3.Spybot-Search & Destroy

:open_mouth: this gone. I think it might have been Comodo Back-Up.

Are you willing to reinstall it again to see if the problem returns ?
If so i think it’s best to post a bug report for Comodo Backup in that case… could help other users :wink:

yeah I will, but it is still pausing a bit when I load pages or tabs but its only for about 2 seconds. But nothing like the crashes I was having.

I’ve just done a scan with Malwarebytes and it found 10 Trojan.Agent registry keys. and now the 2 second pauses have stopped.

Maybe this was causing the issue for CBU too :-\