suppress alerts

with the latest cis version i create a parental control password and check all three suppress alerts boxes and exit but when i open cis back up they are always unchecked?i want to suppress all the alerts for when my kids use the computers but they wont stay checked?thanks

Sorry there is a bug with the latest version

Untick parental control then click OK

Then open settings again tick parental control and alerts you want to suppress.

Do not put in password at this stage click OK, then you will receive alert that you need a password.

Now apply password and click OK

This works on my partners computer and have tested on mine all suppress alerts stay ticked.


thanks dennis2 woking now. my son will click yes to everything so having this option is perfect,help much appreciated

Your welcome :slight_smile:

It worked fine on previous versions it was a surprise when I started having alerts after I changed something.

I hope this is fixed in the next release.