Supported browsers list (request).

It comes to my attention that i-vault won’t work fe. under Maxhton. What are the supported browsers (like IE7, etc.)?


Migrating to IE 7.0 or greater, from any version (v6.0) and lesser, my experience that I have replicated, reveals that the process COMPLETELY WIPES OUT ALL COMODO BACKUPS and RECORDS (BOTH!)…

AGAIN, STRANGE AS IT MIGHT SEEM, not only does this migration (and other MS updates) wipe out all Comodo i-Vault RECORDS / CARDS/ etc (data) within the CURRENT STORAGE file itself, BUT even the BACKUP FILES and DATA are either corrupted or erased completely within files that reside in the i-Vault DEFAULT BACKUP folder !!!

Make sure that you either make your COMODO BACKUP file part of your normal DAILY BACKUP -OR- periodically MAKE A BACKUP in A REMOTE FOLDER on ANOTHER PART of YOUR HARD DISK/FOLDER/ETC. (i.e. FAR, FAR, FAR AWAY from the COMODO DEFAULT folder)…

In my experience, ALL files/records in COMODO’s default backup folder (…\i-Vault\BACKUP) as well as all of those in the current default active folder (…\i-Vault) are all EXTREMELY FRAGILE and are frequently CORRUPTED or ERASED/DELETED by some random gremlins and for certain from some Microsoft updates…

Sorry so lengthy… But this seems to be an ongoing/recurring issue that’s not been resolved, and so I thought newby’s like me would like to save themselves an extra 10-20 hours every time this happens by making redundant backups! What better example than my very own nightmares – Save yourself the trouble people… It WILL happen to you TOO someday, if you fail to BACKUP TO a REMOTE LOCATION/DEVICE/MEDIA!

Good Luck!
DataRanger (Joe)

Thank you for that, however, I have migrated to IE7 , and test all sorts of software, do windows updates and never had this issue you speak of. I don’t agree that the Comdodo files are “extremely fragile” as they have survived since july of 06.

While I won’t say you haven’t had any issues and will take your word for it.

I would suggest to others before taking this into consideration to ask a Moderator or put in a Support ticket if this in fact happens.

Random Gremlins could mean viruses, trojans, malware or some other infected pc and when you install any security software, please make sure your system is clean first else security software may not detect this and Gremlins will in fact attack your system files.

Aside from this, it seems corruption of any files to this degree would mean something else wrong.

As well dataranger, your two other posts are about you losing passwords and poorly written code, where you have made your point clear of hatred toward IVAULT , not CFP and would like to know, if this issue is ongoing as you say, where are your questions in the forum about this or support ticket? Did you request a support ticket? The team is always very willing to help. I will do my best and even post your other two posts here as well to maybe put this all together.

Seems when I use the Password Generator, it allows only ONE (1) COPY+PASTE to/from the CLIPBOARD into a 3rd party website, where they ALWAYS PROMPT/DEMAND users to place TWO (2)!!!

You guys advertise that the CLIPBOARD will hold contents for 30 seconds… THIS IS NOT TRUE!!! MY Clipboard has ERASED multiple times either:

… WORSE… the Pass Generator has sometimes AUTOMATICALLY POSTED a SECOND REFRESHED/BRAND NEW PASSWORD while all this is happening! And, NO, my “Randomize w/ Mouse” was NOT ACTIVE!

These are all errors that are rampant in the program and occur at RANDOM TIMES, without ANY EXTRA KEYSTROKES taking place on my part…

Why all this difficulty?
Also, I would LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVE to help your company with the technical writing on this product, as it is VERY POORLY WRITTEN —> the grammar is HORRIFIC!!!

Here to Contribute if I can…

My entire VAULT with over 100+ Passwords was dumped this morning...

This is the SECOND TIME that this has occurred, and it’s taken me several days to REBUILD it…

I attempted to restor all backups, of which there was only two (2), and those had only 20 passwords which are all incorrect since I’ve updated all files…

Plus, can you please supply us with any documentation on this, event viewer will record such a happening and you can post it here.

Thank you , hope this helps,


??? ??? ??? I use IE7 and did not came across any of these. ??? ??? ???

Guys, back to the main request, will there be a supported browsers list (or it’s already there somewhere?)? :slight_smile: