Support Please Help!

Order number 1553367

sales support ticket [#FTP-797762] (paypal transaction id included) $119 was made!

BUT received a reply mail from “A. Satyanarayana”[228390:244284] "
Unfortunately, we are unable to validate and issue your order currently, as it is
still awaiting payment."

Sent email to sales person but get no reply from him. The payment already sent. Please help and kindy let us know the status.



Just to clear this issue up…your order was placed on Nov 28 and issued Nov 29.

Our validation department are correct in not issuing the order until the payment is received.
Payments go through our accounts department, and they acknowledged the payment on Nov 28.

The validation department subsequently issued the order on Nov 29 after receiving acknowledgement from accounts and doing the necessary background checks they do for all orders.

Also, please do not log this type of issue on the forum as both validation and sales will not see it, it is not a system they use.
Please email the correct department with queries such as this.
The correct email can be found on the Order Confirmation emails that we send.